Everyone can find peace, love and joy within themselves. Yoga is an excellent and ancient technique which helps facilitate relaxation, and connection with your inner being.

What is YogaFit®

YogaFit is designed to improve health, mental clarity and physical endurance for those interested in improving overall fitness. Tapping into ancient teachings of hatha yoga, YogaFit techniques can help you to improve strength, flexibility and balance while also improving fitness. The YogaFit teaching style is practical, and friendly for any level of fitness.

Jamie Brown offers YogaFit Instruction in Northern Idaho.


Jamie Brown is a Certified YogaFit® Teacher located in Rathdrum, Idaho

Jamie Brown is a Certified Level 1 YogaFit Teacher.

Jamie obtained a Holistic Wellness Certification which included Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, introduction to massage, basic Craniosacral class. Jamie has been doing Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, & some Vinyasa Yoga for approximately 10 years now for her own self healing.

Upcoming Yoga Sessions

Contact Jamie Brown to scedule a Yoga session, or to ask about group sessions.