About Angel Wellness

Angel Wellness was founded by Jamie Brown to provide you with a place to find the latest information, products and resources about natural solutions for improving and supporting your health, attitude and overall state of wellness.

Jamie is inspired to help others because of her personal experiences. She understands the challenge of learning to be responsible for your own health choices, and she can offer you caring support and guidance.

Learn more about the resources available to you, including Yound Living Essential Oils, specialized techniques for wellness, and find a community of resources to support you.

Contact Jamie to be your personal wellness coach, and let her help you to improve your quality of life.

Quality of Life

Discover Solutions for wellness, health and deep relaxation.

Essential Oils

Discover benefits of 100% natural therapeutic grade essential oils.


Coming soon: Learn how Yoga supports well being.

Transformational Breath®

Experience what Transformational Breath can do for you.