Customer Testimonials: What Angel Wellness Customers have shared

DIANE McCULLOUGH OF ARIZONA: "I am writing to let you know how much I have enjoyed and benefited, over the years, using Young Living essential oils as well as some other products like deodorant, toothpaste, cleaners and throat lozenges. One of my favorites, and I feel most useful oil, is Thieves. What a benefit in just cutting germs, I take it with me on the airplane to inhale during the flight. Since I have done this I have not gotten sick, like I used to. I also use a combination of oils for diabetes control and circulation. I found these combinations on a group from Facebook. Thank You for introducing me to these wonderful products."

JIM OF IDAHO (Breath): "The breath work that I experienced was a phenomenal experience.  Immediately I discovered that I’ve been a shallow breather for most of my life, and did not know any better.  The breath work has been very loving and healing for me.  I have also used this breath technique in various situations that assisted me moving through very fearful situations.  In the beginning I had many blockages that my facilitator assisted me to move through and heal during various sessions.  This manifested in various physical sensations that were rather bizarre, which included whole body tingling, vibrations, and visualizations.  As I was able to push through my original blockages, deeper ones were revealed.  My facilitator continued to assist me in a gently loving way to pass through these until I was able to become what that say as a “conscious breather”.  Breathing correctly has given me more energy and has assisted me in difficult times when I needed it.  For instance; I have just finished going through a rather ugly divorce.  I was able for the most part to handle it as my own attorney, called Pro Se.  When I was either in court or involved in the difficult situations that this entailed, I used the breath technique to center myself in the moment, which gave me the ability to drop any fear I was caring and I was able to proceed very comfortably.

I would recommend everyone to learn how to breathe correctly.  It will only enhance your quality of life, and you may discover that it can get you through the tough times here in 3d, as it has for me.  Remember this isn’t just a 1 time deal; it’s a way of life!"

ANN OF WASHINGTON: "Jamie is a gifted and intuitive Transformational Breath facilitator. I love breath sessions with her. She has the ability to create a safe space for me to let go and just breathe. Transformational Breathing has changed my life. It has enabled me to let go of many fears, sadness and negative emotions. It has helped me become a better version of myself, living from a place of mindfulness and freedom."

DONNA OF CALIFORNIA: "I came down with the flu/cold at about 5pm. I wasn't feeling well and laid down to take a nap. By 10pm that evening I had chill's and knew I had the ick! I took out my double 00 capsules and filled with 10 drops Oregano & 6-7 drops of Thieves covered with top cap, shook it and swallowed it with lots of water. I did this every 4 to 6 hours through Saturday and by Sunday was feeling much better. I hardly ever coughed because the Thieves keeps that at bay. I have talked to so many people who have been sick with this ick and it lasts for weeks with them. I feel blessed to have had the right oils to take care of this sickness and be able to share this info with people wanting to make a difference with Young Living oils!"

PAT & BOBBIE OF CALIFORNIA: For those who may be a little sceptical of using the oils or wondering if they work, we can tell you that we use Pan Away and Relieve It for pain and it works for us. Bob has RA and I have Arthritis on my right siatic nerve and it seems to work and relive the pain for awhile. I also use Peppermint oil for hot flashes. I put it on my neck and rub it in and it cools you down and the hot flash goes away. For my sinus, I use Raven and Breath Again and it opens up my head and helps me breath easier. We have also had the raindrop treatment and felt so much better after. It kind of cleans out your system and the next day I seemed to be very energetic and felt that way for a few weeks. We would give the oils and Raindrop treatment 5 stars out of 5 stars. We have recommended the oils to our friends and they use them also.

CLINT OF CALIFORNIA: "I have experienced Jamie's Breathwork training as a client, it was a great experience, I could feel the healthy difference in deep breathing that she teaches and shallow breathing that people normally practice. It takes practice to keep it right and I have fallen off of the wagon. However, as least I know how to do it correctly because of Jamie's training."

JIM OF IDAHO (Oils): I and my family have been using Young Living Essential Oils since the spring of 2008.  Many wondrous healings for me and my family have taken place due to this product.  I had periodontal disease when I started using their tooth paste and 2 drops of Malalucca oil on my toothbrush.  Only after 1 month when I returned to the dentist for my quarterly cleaning, the dentist was blown away by how well everything looked and how I was doing. He tried to take credit for this and I explained how I had stopped using their products and started using Young Living Essential oils.  He seemed unimpressed until I returned 3 months later for my cleaning.  Then he said I had no signs of the disease and that it was obvious the oils and toothpaste were the reason for my recovery.  He then asked me for all the information so he could pass it on to his other clients.  My Family and I have used Thieves to wipe out colds & the flu, along with Pan Away for pain, Lavender for burns, and Di Gise for stomach issues.  I have many oils now and am so grateful for this product.  Do yourself a favor and also purchase the desk reference book; it has a wealth of information on how to use all the various oils!

SHARON OF CALIFORNIA: My name is Sharon Hamilton and I am a 57 year old with throat and lung cancer. After my radiation and chemotherapy treatment left me feeling ill and drained, Jamie offered to do a Raindrop Technique with the Young Living Essential Oils. Continued...

THOMAS OF CALIFORNIA: I've been suffering for the last 5 years with chronic lower back pain. I was really tired of feeling like an 80 year old man, as I was constantly in pain. Continued...

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