Jamie's Journey

I recall being a vibrant, healthy person who lived life to the fullest, and I enjoyed a vast amount of activities. Then something happened. Something unexpected and traumatic. My life was turned upside down as my health suddenly deteriorated, and I quickly lost the ability to function and cope. I felt exhausted and was in constant pain.

Seeking help from the traditional medical community, I saw more doctors than I can count. None of them were initially able to diagnose my problem. They prescribed a variety of medications, and sent me on my way. Eventually I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and with depression as a secondary diagnosis.

I tried everything to get better: the drugs I had been prescribed, natural health supplements, chiropracters, acupuncturists, exercise, yoga, even counseling. I got some relief from these methods but was still exhausted and in constant pain. Feeling ill and losing patience, I sank into a deep depression. Until one day a miracle happened...the day that changed my life forever. This was the day I was introduced to a natural alternative to the therapies I had tried.

I discovered Young Living Essential Oils. At first I was skeptical about the use of essential oils to support my immune system, reduce pain and stabilize my mood. I learned about the special chemical properties of these oils, and started using them in massage, as supplements and as general relief for my symptoms. They truly worked. Through the use of special techniques and the essential oils, I have experienced significant relief of my symptoms.

Please read more about Young Living Essential Oils, or contact me and let me share my experiences with you, to help support you and guide you on your journey to wellness.